12 07 2008

Finally i’m done for the week at the zoo. can’t wait to finished the week actually. alot of work, alot of things happened. again today the coward have done it again. It really ticks me off. But anyway i don give a fuck about it anymore. just can’t wait for tomorrow. i’ve a double H marathon tomorrow, IBM futsal tourney to attend to and bringing yang2 to bangsar for a flea market of some sort. At least the air con functioning properly tonite. and i am still waiting to fly to the moon! chiowwww!


i could not ask for more

10 07 2008

i’m on emo mode today, soo freaking pissed. at the zoo today they do really know how to pissed me off.. big time. some people just don’t have the BALLS to say it out what ever their concern is. The damn wankers just don’t dare come and talk staright to my face in front of me. fucking bunch of cowards. Just dare to talk behind my back. Fuckers can’t you see i’m doing my job here… BITCH!. i seriously hate the zoo now.

fuck.. my room air cond is not working now.. damn it! the compressor not working.. cibai lah!


9 07 2008

City of Angels v2

2 07 2008

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Capt. Zia’s Birthday

30 06 2008

Last saturday we have a gathering and celebrating jojoe’s husband birthday at my crib. It was a fun filled event. Jojoe and the birthday man Zia, Boboi, Khairul,Nazif,Haida,Hanna,Alan,Sazuan and mrs solice all attend the gath and enjoying themselves.

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30 06 2008

After 44 years of waiting finally spain have become the champion of Europe thanks to the goal from El Nino torres.

¡somos el campeón!


30 06 2008

“Love does not come once.”

just watched this movie today. to be frank im a sucker for kabir bhatia’s movies. he is a very great and excellent story teller. he loves to interpret and provide a story that usually revolve around everyday life of a normal people and usually there will be a situation or scene which inter twine each other which will is his trademark. plus all of the shots are very astonishing. love it.

Sepi revolve around three different love story of three different person. Adam, Sufi and Imaan.

1st story ia about adam. played by afdlin. a very successful chef. Adam is a bachelor and he is obliged to attend every wedding of his family, friends even his ex. always wondering will be his? which is his main plot and the main reason we can see that underneath his cheerful, bubbly and happy go lucky personality he is actually SEPI.  That is until he met with Ilyana ( Vee). She managed to capture his heart and love. The scene where adam gets to know that Ilyana is actually getting married really managed to touch me. damn. i almost cried for god sake!.

second story is about Sufi. a man, father and a husband that have lost his wife after an accident. he keep on blaming himself for the accident and to run away from the guilt he will be running everyday in and around the lake near his house. that finally bring him to bump into Marya one day and that spurns his love and made him forget his past and moving on.

the third an final story will be about Imaan a mysterious screenwriter wo sparked interest to the most popular guy in college Ean. In the meantime Imaan have a boyfriend Khalil. story about Imaan is the most mysterious and spiritual between the three. it makes us wonder what really happened and who is Khalil actually.

I seriously love this movie. apart from i’m a sucker for kabir’s movie ,a fan of Afdlin and the second malay movie that made me wnat to cry. different story form his previous film CINTA but it is as astonish as it. go watch it.. worth it. am already thinking of watching it the 2nd time.

Bisik ku pada bulan
Kembalikan temanku
Kekasihku, syurgaku

Tanpa dia malam menemaniku
Sepi memelukku

Bulan jangan biar siang

biar malam ini kelam
Biar ia sepi sepertiku….