ASTRO punya hal Lagi!

19 07 2008

aduihhh… balik-balik ASTRO, balik-balik ASTRO!.. bangang betul pasal 10 hengget lu potong account gua. kan tak pasal2 CS luorang kena maki ngan gua. Damn Wankers!. Ananda Krishnan, if you maybe suddenly stumbled upon my god forsaken blog, READ tHIS! ASTRO HAVE A FUCKING CRAPPY SERVICE! what the fuck la.. the CS keep on giving false info everytime i ask, did not inform me on any fucking extra charges, aduihhhhhhhhhh! kan da kena ngan gua. aku rasa kat CS punya system mesti system note derang dah panjang berjela. ***HANDLE WITH CARE***, ****CUST IS A VERY FUSSY CUST*****. aku bole bayang arr note macam tu kat dalam system.. woagahahahaha!. so please.. if you guys don’t want me to call you and give a hell of a time, please get your facts right and please give a better service. I wish and prayed hard for the time that SKY TV wanted to have their service here in m’sia. It’ll kick the balls out of the CEO of ASTRO and then will only they know what is the meaning of true good service.

update*** my ASTRO account have been reconnected while i still on the phone with the CS name LIA. LIA, tak pasal je ko yang kena kan.




One response

20 07 2008

tengok macam aku, eventho dapat decoder free dulu, but dah give up with the service. senang, tak yah nak menjerti kat orang2 yg tak paham bahasa and claim they are cux service people…..hehehe

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