Nightmare & Determination

13 07 2008

last friday night i have a nightmare. it’s kinda funny nightmare tho’. in the nightmare i was shooting a model photoshoot and suddenly pishhhhh! a loud hissing sound came out. it was my tele lense. the focus ring leaked.. i was .. what the fish?  how can a focus ring leak. no such thing. i straight away woke up from my sleep and thinked.. what the hell happened? to be sure i checked my camera and lense… notyhing happened. everything is A-O-K. phewww… what does it means?.. am i too passionate into photography ? i seriously don’t know..


today i feel challenged. really challenged. until i decide to have a new determination. i felt challenged by Aizat AF5 as he has lose his weight. damn it. i seriously need to loose weight. so i have a new determination. i want to buy meself a bike. not a motorbike but a bicycle. i want to cycle everyday to lose my weight and exercise. Yang2 doesn’t believe it. She said that i’m only hangat2 taik ayam je. oooo tak percaya ye… jaga kau. so will buy my bike next week and start my cycling run circling KD everyday. i really determine to do it this time. i really mean it.. watch and see..




3 responses

17 07 2008

tu maksudnyer dier suh ko p beli lense baru lerw.. pastu banjer aku skali~ haha~

18 07 2008

wah wah da ada blog sekarang.. maju woagahahahahahah

19 07 2008

Basikal ke bicycle ke… Aku berani potong jari lah !!! : )

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