HELLBOY 2 : golden army

13 07 2008

just watched it today as well..
one of the Double H marathon i had today..
thanks again to the GSC manager for the free tickets..again..hehe
nasib baik tak tukar jadi Super Sapien lagi..
better than the last movie..
the same ol’ sarcastic RED.
this time RED really kicks ass!
RED has a new weapon..
BIG BABY.. kaboooom! po-wer!
BLUE this time kicks ass as well…
eh! he drinks beer with RED ..heheheh
nice scene..
Johan Krauss.. isz ze one of ze best good guy..
don’t loose fockuse..funny
a lot of creatures this time
the troll market..
alot.. i meant a lot!
i am not a kid i am a tumor..
tooth fairy scary tho’ don wanna give me tooth to them.
the Prince Nuada fler.. fuckin’ kicks ass
with all his move and his sword..damn!
kinda reminds me of darth maul.. ray park..better watch your ass
and the angel of death… uikss
isn’t that the fler from Pan’s Labyrinth.. mmm what the hell is he doing here..
very good movie..
the most fun movie so far.. for me la
the barry manilow songs still ringing in my head..
can’t smile without you…
i can’t smile without you……



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